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About Rebarkable Creations:

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RebarkableCreations was inspired by my best friend in the whole wide world…LILLY!  In January of 2002, on a cold and snowy day, my husband and I were visiting his Mother, in Oklahoma . While we were out shopping, my husband, for some unknown and unplanned reason, decided to visit the local dog pound and returned with excitement, that the pound had tons of cute puppies and we needed to come see them. We all returned and it was just as he said…”Tons of puppies”! We took one by one, into a large room and played with them. While scanning through the huge selection of puppies, I bent down into one of the cages and found a large litter of  lab puppies in a pile, but in the very back, I noticed a little fat, female, golden puppy, curled up in the back corner. I reached into the very back and picked her up and she was completely covered in waste, ( if you know what I mean), so  I wrapped her in a towel and  brought her into the large room and sat her down! She was absolutely darling and ran straight for my husband’s lap and wouldn’t leave! SHE had found her home….and had made her decision to “ADOPT US”!

Eleven years later, I can truly say that Lilly has gone from the “DOGHOUSE” to the “PENTHOUSE”! I have created this website out of love and a true passion for our companionship! The unplanned love and joy that this special,  rescued creature has brought to my life, is immeasurable, and my hope is that through these pictures of Lilly that you will see the personality, happiness, love and trust that unexpectantly developed, from an unplanned trip to the local dog pound. Not only do I hope that you can experience how special Lilly is, through these pictures, but that you realize there are thousands of Lillys out there, just waiting to enrich your life and family, as well!

I hope you enjoy!

MEl Profile

About  Me

I was born and raised in the beautiful, natural state of Arkansas and love my Razorbacks. Upon graduating from College, I decided to make Dallas, TX my home for the last 25 years and currently reside in Plano, TX.  My professional experiences in Marketing and Recruiting, have inspired me to undertake this project. While recruiting in the Real Estate Industry, I came up with the idea to use Lilly as an “Attention Grabber”, in my Marketing campaigns. I started, by using Holiday themes and her popularity grew. I began to bring her to events, picnics, company trainings, office events, etc. and Lilly obtained “Celebrity Status”, in no time, while remaining a “consummate professional”! After leaving the Real Estate world, Lilly’s following has continued through Facebook and other social media, venues.   While I continue my Recruiting career, Lilly has also continued her modeling career and is 100% dedicated to assisting me in attracting top talent.

I am confident that you will enjoy following her wonderful life, as you take a walk through her personal gallery and  “Rebarkable Careers”, she has assisted with! Have a great time and meet one of Lilly’s Top Recruits..a real “Superstar”,  Madison!

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